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Safe Cleaning is your best partner for yourCleaning business needs

In a city where business challenges are as diverse as its people, Safe Cleaning stands out as Toronto’s trusted ally in commercial cleaning. We believe that while businesses face countless hurdles, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment shouldn’t be one. 

For over 20 years, Safe Cleaning has been delivering fast, secure, and reliable cleaning services, designed to lift the burden off your shoulders. Our experienced team is rigorously vetted, adhering to the strictest Canadian safety protocols, ensuring every job not only meets but exceeds your expectations. We’re not just a cleaning company; we’re your partner in creating pristine spaces that reflect the quality and integrity of your business. Trust us to handle the cleanliness, so you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

Safe Cleaning Services - WSIB insured cleaning company Toronto
alesca restoration
alesca restoration
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It is really good having my workplace so shiny and smelling so good. You deserve my review!
Squeaky Glass
Squeaky Glass
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What fantastic work they did at my office; the service was excellent and so professional
Guillaume GIRAUD
Guillaume GIRAUD
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I'm happy with the deep clean performed at my office. The cleaners showed up on time and did a great job. The whole process of booking an appointment was easy, I recommend!
Valeria Castillo
Valeria Castillo
Building administrator
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They were on time, professional and really kind. More than happy with their work in my office. Will hire them again for sure!
Abdul Towfeq
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Great customer service. Staff were extremely professional and courteous. Highly recommend if you want the job done right!
D3 Marketing Services
D3 Marketing Services
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Thanks to you, my office got spotless every month. You are amazing guys!

How safe cleaning can enhance your business's safety and productivity?

 Enhancing safety and productivity in the workplace can be achieved through safe cleaning practices. Safe cleaning practices can reduce the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, influenza, and other viruses. Furthermore, maintaining a clean and healthy work environment can minimize the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, which can result in decreased productivity and increased expenses for businesses.

In addition, a tidy and sanitized workspace can help employees stay focused and motivated, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. By working in a clutter-free and sanitized environment, employees are less likely to get distracted or fall ill, reducing sick days and improving work output. Furthermore, safe cleaning practices can minimize the risk of equipment malfunctions and breakdowns, ensuring that businesses can maintain their operations and minimize downtime.

At SAFE CLEANING, we are committed to providing exceptional disinfection and commercial cleaning services. Our specialty cleaning services utilize cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your facility is not only spotless and hygienic but also safe for everyone.  We hold the Government of Canada Reliability Security Clearance that ensures safety at all times.

Why us?

Our experienced staff use industry-standard equipment and techniques, with regular checks to maintain high standards.

Our employees undergo background checks and we have strict security measures to protect client information and assets.

We offer transparent pricing and customizable cleaning packages to fit your needs and budget.

Great customer support, quickly addressing questions, feedback, and concerns to build lasting relationships.

Safe Cleaning: the best cleaning partnerfor businesses in Toronto and GTA

In conclusion, businesses in Toronto and the GTA can benefit greatly from incorporating safe cleaning practices into their operations. At SAFE CLEANING, we are dedicated to providing our clients with specialized and certified commercial cleaning services such as: Post construction Cleaning, Event and Venue Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and more, that go beyond just surface cleaning.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help enhance your business’s safety and productivity through safe cleaning practices.

Get to know our services for you

Premier commercial cleaning company in your area, ensuring safety and customer service with every job.

Church And Other Places Of Worship Cleaning Services

The cleanliness of your place of worship can speak volumes about what matters to you and your congregation.

Bank And Financial Cleaning and Disinfection Services

SAFE CLEANING provides banks, financial institutions, and businesses with complete cleaning services

Hotel Cleaning Services

We provide a hotel and motel cleaning and staffing services with over 20 years of experience

Gym And Fitness Center Cleaning

We ensure that our fitness cleaning are executed by certified, friendly, and reliable cleaners

Government And Institutions Cleaning

We understand that different types of government facilities might have different housekeeping needs.

Medical And Healthcare Cleaning

Our healthcare facilities cleaning service includes a thorough daily cleaning of the entire facility

Mall And Supermarket Cleaning Services

We offer detailed commercial cleaning services that are designed for your mall or supermarket

Industrial And Manufacturing Cleaning Services

Our goal is to make your industrial site look clean, safe and sanitized every time.

Shelter Cleaning Services

Our chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting shelters are tailored to the situation

School Cleaning Services

We can help create a cleaning and disinfection schedule to ensure your school stays safe.

Warehouse Cleaning Services

We aim to keep your team safe and your operations running smoothly
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