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Why is Safe Cleaning your best commercial cleaning company option for your Government or institution facility?

Our experienced staff use industry-standard equipment and techniques, with regular checks to maintain high standards.

Our employees undergo background checks and we have strict security measures to protect client information and assets.

We offer transparent pricing and customizable cleaning packages to fit your needs and budget.

Great customer support, quickly addressing questions, feedback, and concerns to build lasting relationships.

Safe Cleaning Services - WSIB insured cleaning company Toronto

SAFE CLEANING is the professional ally that will take care of your facility, ensuring it is always clean and sanitized. We understand that different types of government facilities might have different housekeeping needs.

For instance, a government facility that provides in-person services to the public differs significantly from a government-operated healthcare site such as a shelter, a clinic or hospital, a long-term care site, or a prison for example. Cleaning and maintenance requirements are distinct for each type of facility. However, for all of them, clean spaces are a must. We understand the importance of meeting regulatory requirements. With over twenty years of experience, we have the protocols to comply adequately with regulatory standards.

At SAFE CLEANING, we are experienced, certified, and insured. We are prepared and trained to handle the needs of each type of facility.

Our specialty services include certified methods such as electrostatic and UV-C light technology to eradicate the most resilient bacteria, viruses, and fungi without damaging surrounding equipment or surfaces.

Every technology we use is certified and focuses on improving safety for the users. We use technology everywhere, from our commercial cleaning service to our Covid-19 Speciality cleaning. For every service provided we use state-of-art equipment and best practices withing the cleaning industry

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Why does your Government or institution facility need a commercial cleaning service?

For government facilities, being clean and sanitized is a MUST. Clean facilities foster productivity where employees can thrive, convey trust to visitors, and reduces the risk of transmission of illnesses. Also, conveying trust to the public is critical. Thus, well-kept safe and clean facilities are crucial to transmit that message to anyone who sets foot inside. A clean environment transmits trust.

In addition, as a result of crowding and a high influx of people, many government facilities can become a source of illnesses and infection. Hence, frequent and effective disinfection protocols need to be in place.


What makes Safe Cleaning better than other commercial cleaning companies?

At SAFE CLEANING, our goal is to keep your facility safe and clean. To achieve this, we follow best practices and methods, using certified innovative technologies that effectively clean and disinfect. Complying with standards is the core of everything we do. We are knowledgeable in regulatory requirements and can help your facility adhere to the regulations.

SAFE CLEANING is your professional ally to keep your government facility clean and in compliance with regulatory standards. A safe clean conveys trust and safeguards the health and safety of your employees and the public.

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SAFE CLEANING SERVICES - Staff cleaning services in Toronto
Safe Cleaning Services - WSIB insured cleaning company Toronto

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