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Why is Safe Cleaning your best commercial cleaning company option for your Medical and Healthcare facility?

Our experienced staff use industry-standard equipment and techniques, with regular checks to maintain high standards.

Our employees undergo background checks and we have strict security measures to protect client information and assets.

We offer transparent pricing and customizable cleaning packages to fit your needs and budget.

Great customer support, quickly addressing questions, feedback, and concerns to build lasting relationships.

Safe Cleaning Services - WSIB insured cleaning company Toronto

Because we understand the fundamental importance of a clean and disinfected medical facility, we keep the health of your patients at the forefront of our business model. Our medical facilities cleaning service includes a thorough daily cleaning of the entire facility, including floors, office spaces, laboratories, restrooms, and more.

In SAFE CLEANING, We ensure that your building is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. To achieve this, our team members receive extensive training in the unique demands of this area to ensure a safe working environment for your employees and patients. Our specialized and certified staff knows what to do to meet all applicable environmental cleaning standards.

In addition, we are highly specialized in the medical industry, providing thorough cleaning and disinfection for medical buildings and offices, surgical centers, dental clinics, physical therapy centers, laboratories, and long-term care facilities.


Our disinfection protocols include innovative certified technologies to ensure your medical facility is clean from harmful germs. We combine the use of physical and chemical disinfection techniques to achieve top results.

Our physical methods include specialty equipment such as electrostatic disinfection and UV-C sanitization. In addition, we use industry-certified standards to achieve chemical disinfection, such as the use of ethanol 70% solutions. - commercial cleaning service Toronto - Floor care and cleaning services with professional washing machine on the charger machine inside public building.

Why does your Medical and Healthcare facility need a commercial cleaning service?

As is known, Medical and healthcare facilities harbour powerful and infectious pathogens as they can easily thrive in these facilities. Rigorous and deep disinfection is required to ensure the safety of employees, nurses, doctors, and patients.

Commercial cleaning services are essential for medical and healthcare facilities as they help ensure the long-term success of the facility. Commercial cleaning professionals understand complex sanitization regulations, safety protocols, and hazardous waste disposal processes, so they can assist with maintaining a safe environment while keeping the facility clean and presentable.

Commercial cleaners also know how to properly sanitize high-touch points in waiting rooms, treatment rooms and common areas to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs. Commercial cleaning is an essential service to ensure that staff members, patients and visitors feel safe and comfortable at all times.


What makes Safe Cleaning better than other commercial cleaning companies?

At SAFE CLEANING, we provide exceptional cleaning services and take extreme pride in helping to keep health care facilities clean and your patients and employees safe. We have more than twenty years of experience in the medical and healthcare industry. Ergo, we know the importance of keeping a facility clean and disinfected. Furthermore, because we are knowledgeable in government regulations, we designed our cleaning and disinfection protocols to ensure we help you comply.

SAFE CLEANING is a specialty cleaning company bringing the next generation of intelligent cleaning and sanitization solutions into the Canadian market. We are convinced that a clean space is a safe space and more productive space.

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SAFE CLEANING SERVICES - Staff cleaning services in Toronto
Safe Cleaning Services - WSIB insured cleaning company Toronto

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